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This Is Ferenc

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Clarity of vision. 
The only way achievable to have a clear and untarnished view, and understanding of issues, is if one has  the ability to rise above oneself, to see things for what they are, not the way we are,

and the way we want to see it.

I do not perceive things through my hang-ups and prejudices, I possess the ability to rise above myself and reflect on issues for what they are.             This is the ”Trick”. 

I believe in individuals, in the Independently Functioning Individual. 
The World would be a better, and more harmonies place
if people would possess the ability to:
 “Do not react but; Think”. Step back, Listen, Reflect, Contemplate with an open mind on all issues, it is not that “ONE” agrees or disagrees, the issue is to “UNDERSTAND”.


Not to do, is Not to Be

We do many things, because we desire to do, to be, and stay in motion.

I find reason and purpose to move on, to get involved. 

Our Creativity and Imagination has no boundaries and Limitations.

It takes a Person to make a difference, to spark the Imagination.

Freedom is a Challenge and a Responsibility.

The biggest punishment in people’s life is retirement.


When ONE retires, ONE becomes FREE, except for ourselves.

When one retires and becomes free, let's say at the age of 60 - 65, they have another lifetime of 10, 20 to 30 years to live creatively and satisfyingly fulfilled.

To fill the decades of a lifetime in a way that is satisfying, fulfilling, and contributing, is the greatest dilemma one can ever face, it is the most challenging, a “Unique Form of Art.”

Retired people with decades of luxury of“TIME” "To Be You", this is your chance, this is Your Freedom.

The many years of time and freedom have enabled me to explore all the possibilities that are available to all of us, to productively and satisfyingly fill my time.  Your Dreams can come true, on the wings of imagination and creativity.

Every one of us seeks and desires freedom.

Once you have it, what to do with it.


How to use it to your own advantage, and for the benefit of others.


We are all controlled in our life by Circumstance, Desire, and Greed.

It Is in Our Genes.


Circumstances, the origin of our existence is not in our control,

we just happen to be, we just have to deal with it. 


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